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Historical examples.

All sites are closed down now. These are examples of the work I did. Thank you for your attention.

Blasts from the past.

WRJ Northeast District.
WRJ Northeast links local sisterhoods of the Northeast District with the international organization, Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ). We offer local sisterhood leaders information, education, motivation, enthusiasm, ideas, and support.

The Sunwatch Homeowners Condominium Association, a luxury high rise on Island Estates, is a unique waterfront community on the Gulf Coast of Florida that offers resort living and many amenities.


WRJ Southeast District.
WRJ Southeast is the link between Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) and local sisterhoods. WRJ-SE exists to assist the work of local sisterhood leaders, and provide information, education, motivation and support. I designed this website with bright, tropical colors to reflect the Southeast environment.

Linda Mandell Designs.
This site was designed to showcase the work of a woman who designed beautiful contemporary jewelry. The original site can be viewed through the wayback machine.
RIP, Linda. BFF.

Temple B'nai Israel.
Located in Clearwater, Florida, Temple B'nai Israel is just miles away from some of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast of Florida.

The Wellness Center.
The website opened with a simple page that set a calm and nurturing tone for the site, which offers natural techniques to enhance wellness, including Shiatsu massage, reflexology, and macrobiotic catered meals.

Wellness Center

About Wally Kennedy.
Wally was my main programming instructor at JC and I was flattered to be chosen to design a web site for him. The opening screen is a splash page with a computing metaphor, including a background of actual C++ code that I wrote. The site was designed to please Wally and to reflect his personality. The site was recently replaced with a boilerplate site conforming to the SPC format.

Wally Kennedy

Two Men and a Tomato: featuring blue ribbon salsa, this was a small scale site hoping to sell State Fair prizewinning salsa. The partners were operating on a shoestring and, unfortunately, the site is now closed.


A makeover project: this site was a make-over for people who are exchangers - they swap their homes with other people for vacations. The web site advertises their home. I totally re-organized the site and gave it a consistent and unified look using warm, friendly Southwestern colors.

makeover project-before makeover project-after

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